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THE MOST important aspect of your business ~ it’s how the world sees you!

Your brand must:

  • Communicate your mission clearly
  • Establish you as a professional business
  • Connect with your target market personally
  • Motivate sales
  • And cement familiarity/loyalty

Your brand becomes your business’s face. It should be the first thing people recognize, no matter how they find you. What people see when they look at your business materials influences the emotional response they have to your company. To strengthen your company it is extremely important to be consistent with your brand. This includes your logo, tagline, website, marketing materials, letterhead, signage, even your attitude! All the thought and energy that goes into establishing the brand of your company will be revisited in every aspect of your business, and make all the small tasks easier down the road. Pixl Pixie has a questionnaire to help you know your business better that will simplify this process.


The most prominent aspect of your company’s brand, your logo has a big job to do! Scour the internet and you will find more or less the same criteria for a good logo, it must be:

  • Simple (think of the most famous logos you know)
  • Unique/Eye Catching (stand out from the rest!)
  • Memorable (have an impact)
  • Timeless (unless you have a trendy, short term business!)
  • Versatile (shaped and built in a way that can print on anything from a tiny letterhead, to a giant billboard)

The process of logo creation can be quite involved. It’s best to enter into the process with a good idea of what you like and don’t like, and what you want your business’s message to be. Remember, the simpler the better! When you are ready to proceed, Pixl Pixie will provide you a questionnaire that will help expediate this task.


We are SO so so excited to help you with your website! You have a story to tell, a product to sell, and it feels like the whole world keeps telling you it’s so easy to make a website! But it definitely can be a little overwhelming, especially knowing where to start when there are so many options! Pixl Pixie (in various guises) has been creating websites for artists, realtors, small businesses, etc, since 2000. We know you want a website you can maintain yourself, and you have great ideas, so we are here to get it up, and then give you the resources to update it on your own! We have a questionnaire for this part of the process too! You fill in answers about what you need in your site, being as specific as possible, and pick a template that works for you. (Options are available for customized templates. See the rates page to learn more.) You must supply all content, including page text, images, captions, etc. Some custom copy and photos are available for additional expense.

Print Materials

Pixl Pixie can design all print materials necessary for you to succeed! From business cards to store front signage, rack cards, posters, handbills, sell sheets, banners, t-shirt, coffee cups, billboards, you name it, we can create the artwork for it! We design and proof the material with you, and supply high res print files to a printer of your choice.


Now this is a niche market our good friends at Status Projects excel in! Status has specialized in designing packaging materials since 1992. Thats over 20 years of experience in a very specific skill. Food and drink wrappers and shippers, beauty and bath product labels and display cases, yard care supplies, they work within the printer’s dieline to provide accurate high res files that are right the first time!


Ooooorrrrrrr…. maybe you have elements of what you need, but you need it put together! You already have a logo, and just need a letterhead, or you want “Golden Anniversary” added onto your logo as a temporary adjustment. Just give me the pieces, we will work out a rate, and we’ll getter done~!