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Designing your look and how the public perceives you takes thoughtful consideration. The term BRANDING refers to how you present to the public with your logo, design elements, website, print materials, etc… I will work with you to come up with a package price that is within your budget, for what you need at this time. This can be a custom package, including logo, website, business cards, or any combination of your design needs.


Varies per client. Average: $50-$500

Starting from scratch, getting creative and finding the look for you! Or … Maybe you have a logo, but need it converted into a professional format, or you simply have a favourite font you want to customize the colour and spacing of, or you have an idea that you want to see come to life, whatever it is, together we can come up with a solution that is within your budget.


Varies per client. Average: $200-$1000

I supply a questionnaire and checklist to really get to know your needs best. Once we know what we are working with, I will come up with a price and timeline specific to you that will streamline the web building process to ensure the price doesn’t go over your budget.

Print Materials

Varies per job.

  • Business cards: Average: $50-$200 (not incl. printing)
  • Rack cards: Average: $200-$500 (not incl. printing)
  • Multi-page Brochures: Average: $100-$800 (not incl. printing)
  • Letterheads: Average: $50-$200 (not incl. printing)
  • So many more things to print! Coffee Cups and keychains, to billboards and magazine layouts…. contact Pixl Pixie to let your needs be known!


For whatever packaging needs you have, from tiny wrappers and displays to printing on the side of semi trucks, and everything in between, our good friends at Status Projects are the best in the biz!